Opinions from Sweden

A recent poll shows that most of the users like their ride-sharing tool. The survey was conducted after six months of usage among users in five Swedish villages.







Ditt helhetsintryck av systemet? = Your over all impression of the system?
väldigt positivt = very positive
positivt = positive
neutralt = neutral
väldigt negativt = very negative
vet ej = don’t know

Anyone travelling in Sweden?

Ride-sharing is great, but sometimes you want to look into other opportunities as well. If you are planning a trip in Sweden, there is a great tool available at http://norrlandsresan.se/. It helps you plan either single trips or even meetings with participants from different cities. In the latter case, the system not only provides you with public transport opportunities and the time and distance would you choose to drive yourself, it also suggests the best meeting time to minimize everyone´s travelling time.

It’s free and works all over Sweden (despite of its name that indicates that it is only intended for the northern part)!