What is a mobile ride-sharing system?

A mobile ride-sharing system is a web / phone application that facilitates ride-sharing. The systems range from simple free apps to more advanced systems that offer multiple services. Modern ride-sharing system is generally used either via the browser on your computer or via an app on your smart phone.

Ride-sharing is a way to use the car in a smarter way and thus increase mobility in rural areas. The idea is that areas with sparse public transport and high dependence on cars get more opportunities to transport.HiRes

With ride-sharing rural dwellers can reduce their expenditures, get more time in daily life, increase cohesion and contact area in the community, not to mention reduce environmental impact. Especially young and elderly who often rely on family members to get a ride gain increased flexibility through organized ride-sharing.

Welcome to Mobile Together

Rural ride-sharing made easy with apps or online booking, this project aims to let small communitys try different systems.

The social interactions and involvement in the communities are expected to increase as an effect of the project, thereby strengthening the solidarity, as well as saving money for the participants while also reducing greenhouse gases.