On this page you will find the reports prepared by the project.

One year of ride‐sharing ‐ Experiences and outlook:

Kroepelin region autumn 2014

Tingsryd region autumn 2014

Best practice report

Report_July 2014 (uploaded 2014-07-24)

SWOT-analyzes for the partner sites:

Partner region analysis_Kroepelin (uploaded 2013-08-30)

Tingsryd Region analysis (uploaded 2013-08-30)

Concept papers for the partner sites:

Mobiletogether_Ridesharing concept_Kroepelin_300513 (uploaded 2013-08-30)

Ride-sharing concept Tingsryd (uploaded 2013-09-02)

Evaluation after 6 months

Evalualtion – 6 months of ride-sharing (uploaded 2014-07-18)

Final report including strategy

Final report_Mobile Together (uploaded 2014-10-09)