Opinions from Sweden

A recent poll shows that most of the users like their ride-sharing tool. The survey was conducted after six months of usage among users in five Swedish villages.







Ditt helhetsintryck av systemet? = Your over all impression of the system?
väldigt positivt = very positive
positivt = positive
neutralt = neutral
väldigt negativt = very negative
vet ej = don’t know

A couple of months

Now our participating villages have been able to try their respective ride-sharing system for approximately two and a half months. So far the systems have not really taken off, but are still in their starting blocks. Getting people to start changing their habits seems to take a lot of patience and endurance. All systems require more active participants to really get rolling. If you live in any of the areas involved, please don’t hesitate to register and take an active part of ride-sharing.

Good for you, good for the community and good for the environment!