Ride-sharing on TV

Two local TV stations visited one of the three villages, two of them being part of the Mobile Together project, before the launching events took place (unfortunately in Swedish);



Today is the day!

Tonight there will be launching events in Bützow, Kröpelin and Urshult (Tingsryd) and tomorrow morning in Älmeboda/Linneryd (Tingsryd).

If you happen to live in any of these areas, please feel free to sign up for the respective ride-sharing system;

Tingsryd is getting ready

On Friday and Saturday there will be launching events in the villages of Urshult and Linneryd/Älmeboda, both located in the partner municipality of Tingsryd. Videos have been prepared to greet the other participating partners, but as videos can not be published on this blog, please enjoy the happy faces of the screen shots below!










As an alternative, check out the videos on Facebook, see link to the right!