More from final meeting

When the study trip visited de Drom last week, we got a chance to see the citizen´s office, where the inhabitants of Kröpelin can get help with the ride-sharing system. We also got some information on how ride-sharing has developed in Tingsryd and Bützow. Last but not least, those interested could try riding a pedelec.



















Final event

Thursday and Friday this week the final partner meeting took place in Rostock, Germany. The first day was a joint study trip hosted by the projects Elmos, that is focusing on electrical mobility, and Mobile Together.  On the trip we learned more about pedelec stations and ride-sharing. The pictures below show our visit at our ride-sharing partner de Drom and the rural pedelec station in Klein Strömkendorf.











The last day of our final event was hosted by our partner Pferdemarktquartier. After the formal meeting was done, with quite a few interesting discussions on our experiences, an exciting and varied program rounded up the get-together. At first there was oil and mustard tasting. After that a visit to a restored church with solar cells and finally a walking tour in a beautiful forest with some historical relics.


Inspirational meeting

As has been described before, ride-sharing in our Swedish communities hasn’t really kicked off so far.

But we are far from giving up yet – an inspirational meeting is planned till the end of August, when five different Swedish villages with the same ride-sharing system will gather and exchange ideas, learn from good examples, plan upcoming promotion activities and meet other enthusiastic people that want to change travelling patterns into a more sustainable direction.

Summary of partner meeting

Unfortunately, Sweden did not show itself from its best side; it was both rainy and cold. Luckily the meeting was a good one though, and we came up with some new ideas on how to increase the number of active users during a brain storming activity.

Brain storming








The meeting was hosted by the municipality of Tingsryd and the formal sessions took place at Korrö, a picturesque collection of old-fashioned buildings situated on a small island in a river, deep in the woods of Småland. There were also interesting excursions to the participating ride-sharing villages of Rävemåla, Linneryd and Urshult, where we learned more about rural entrepreneurship.

The meeting was rounded off by a meeting with the local newspaper, in which difficulties with implementing ride-sharing in the different partner regions were discussed as well as the possibilities and its potential.


Partner meeting

Tuesday and Wednesday this week there will be a partner meeting hosted by the municipality of Tingsryd. One of the main topics will be how to increase involvement and the number of shared rides. The latest statistics from Sweden are not so cheerful, but we hope to find some new ideas during the meeting, and hopefully there will be some improvement shortly!


Busy days

There are a lot of things to organize and get ready for the upcoming launching events. This past Saturday the Swedish partners participated in a seminar for village administrators of the ride-sharing system. Besides from system basics as management of participants and routes, there were also interesting discussions with other villages just starting out and more experienced ones on topics like how to get many participants and local organization.


Preliminary plans for launching events

All partner sites will present their systems to the public on November 22 or 23. The preliminary plans are as follows;

  • de DROM/Kröpelin: will have their event in the evening on the 22:nd. There will be a presentation of the system, catering and a chance to register and test the system.
  • PferdemarkQuartier/Bützow: will have an event in the evening on the 22:nd as well. Snacks will be provided and
    several local VIPs will present the system. In addition, there will be a competition: one of the first 50 routes in FLINC will win a price. A school band will be invited.
  • Tingsryd/Urshult: will also have their event in the evening on the 22:nd. The system will be presented, a band from  the local music school will play and catering will be available. It will also be possible to register.
  • Tingsryd/eastern part: breakfast meeting on the 23:rd. The system will be presented and there will be some kind of entertainment (probably a guitar player). Registrations will be possible.

On all the events there will be either live or recorded greetings from the other partners.