Ride-sharing on TV

Two local TV stations visited one of the three villages, two of them being part of the Mobile Together project, before the launching events took place (unfortunately in Swedish);



Preliminary plans for launching events

All partner sites will present their systems to the public on November 22 or 23. The preliminary plans are as follows;

  • de DROM/Kröpelin: will have their event in the evening on the 22:nd. There will be a presentation of the system, catering and a chance to register and test the system.
  • PferdemarkQuartier/Bützow: will have an event in the evening on the 22:nd as well. Snacks will be provided and
    several local VIPs will present the system. In addition, there will be a competition: one of the first 50 routes in FLINC will win a price. A school band will be invited.
  • Tingsryd/Urshult: will also have their event in the evening on the 22:nd. The system will be presented, a band from  the local music school will play and catering will be available. It will also be possible to register.
  • Tingsryd/eastern part: breakfast meeting on the 23:rd. The system will be presented and there will be some kind of entertainment (probably a guitar player). Registrations will be possible.

On all the events there will be either live or recorded greetings from the other partners.

flinc available in Swedish

Great news, flinc (https://flinc.org/) is now available in Swedish (besides from already existing English, German, Norwegian and Italian versions)! flinc is a ride-sharing tool free of charge for individuals; read more about it and other ride-sharing tools in our Best practice report, that you find on the Report page (see left hand menu).